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dimanche, 02 juin 2013

Un congrès formidable en périnatalité - A huge congres in perinatality

APPPAH's 18th International Congress dancing lady  

November 14 - 17, 2013
Asilomar, Conference Grounds ~ Pacific Grove ~ California

Congress Update ~ June 12, 2013                               
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Our 2013 Congress features many new international presenters that bring us a global outlook on how the work of birth psychology is being expanded and addressed in a vast number of ways within many cultures.  This news bulletin includes just some of the international speakers and topics included in the 2013 conference.   


Join us at Asilomar to find out more about how the world at large is engaging with birth and healing birth related trauma!   Early registration rates through June 15.  

Australia and UK 

Fostering the Couple Connection in the Transition to Parenthood


Elly Taylor & Diane Speier 
Diane and Elly join forces to present a dynamic workshop that explores the challenges new parents face and ways to enrich the couple bond as they step into parenthood. The impact of a new baby on the parental relationship is profound. Creative strategies that strengthen the bond for couples before the baby arrives are a powerful antidote to relationship stress and are also the basis for healing, growth and stability in the years ahead. This experiential workshop will blend energy medicine techniques, visualization tools and role play activities.


Healing Through Poetry:  Processing The Motherhood Transition in Psychotherapy


Helena will share an interactive model that encourages therapists to use creativity in the form of poetry writing during the therapeutic process with women, pregnant or trying to conceive, who are struggling with their maternal transition. The therapist's own poems can be used to invigorate the client's creative process and thus her transition to motherhood on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The creative process then becomes mutual and interactive as the mother-child relationship develops. 


Gerhard Schroth 


Healing Postpartum Depression Beyond Psychiatry


One out of seven women will be confronted with postpartum depression. This is still one of the best kept secrets in society, a real taboo subject. Too much shame, guilt-feelings and devaluation in the face of the miracle of birth is a burden.  Physician, Gerhard Schroth, will show how Prenatal Bonding (BA) can prevent postpartum depression and how, even in high risk mothers with previous or continuing postpartum depression, healing may be experienced.  


How Love is Born for a Newborn Baby


Zita Makoi 

Physician, Zita Makoi describes how love is one of the most powerful experiences in life to carry and nourish the development of two cells to the birth of a new life and cannot be taken for granted. Significant numbers of people carry the memories of anunhappy childhood lacking motherly and/or parental love.  To discover and describe how mother's love arises was the basis of her research.  Zita will share the findings of her research conducted at Semmelweis University, Budapest, where 500 healthy mothers who delivered normal babies were asked to participate in a questionnaire-based survey. 

New Zealand 

Incoming Souls:Listening to the Soul of the Child Preparing for Conception and Birth
Shelley LeMaire


Shelley will share stories from her 15 years of clinical practice working with the soul of the child in preparation for conception and birth.  She will introduce the concept of an 'etheric womb', an intricate lattice or grid that holds the higher dimensional frequencies of the soul arriving. Through listening to the soul of her child the mother is more easily able to feel the unique soul personality, understand needs, and surrender to greater trust in the divine orchestration of conception and birth. 


Limbic Imprint Re-Coding


Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova 

Elena's unofficial name for this work is 'Magical Theater' -- an experiential, free flowing format, in which The Birthing Field is the governing agent, inspiring a slightly altered state of being. Elena will show how different techniques invoke a powerful healing effect, using concepts of epigenetics and neuroplasticity. The goal is to create new reference points within the nervous system, diverting the focus from the previoustraumatic experiences, creating new neurological pathways, and, basically, new memory of blissful formative period. Some of the processes are specifically designed to uninstall the harmful early 'programming' and create lasting positive change.


Nese Karabekir
Childbirth Classes and Birth Itself in Action

Nese will explain how childbirth needs to involve the right brain during the labor. The right brain covers all senses, feelings, insight, creativity, and spontaneity -- not critical thinking and questioning. Nese will show how the use of games, role play, art, and psychodrama allow women to experience their bodies, so that their body memories can work and show how, all bodily records can be remembered easily during the labor and birth itself.

United Kingdom


Womb Twin Survivors - the Untold Story, Told at Last


Aletha Hayton

 Aletha's research into the biology and psychology of womb twin survivors has revealed that there are characteristic signs in the life of the womb twin survivor, whether they know about their twin or not. Stories from womb twin survivors will show how the sharing of personal stories can be used in almost any style of therapy.  Participants may tell their pre-birth story, both in spoken words (to a partner), in writing, or in prose and poetry. Personal stories and case histories will be used to illustrate how a therapist can identify an undiagnosed womb twin survivor among their clients.

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